Your expert hair colourist will never presume that you just want the same colour every visit. We will take the time to find the ideal hair colour to compliment your perfect cut and style.

As Schwarzkopf professional colourists we offer the most up to date colour products with the latest bond protection technology to ensure your hairs condition is never compromised.

We can offer the solution to all your colouring concerns and the possibilities are endless, all we ask from you is to visit the salon for a patch test at least 48 hours before your visit.

Woven Foils

Director Principal Stylist Technician/Graduate Stylist
Full head short £70.45 £68.95 £56.00
Full head medium £78.45 £75.50 £62.00
Full head long £86.45 £83.50 £69.00
T Section
Short £69.95 £66.95 £57.50
Long £85.95 £78.50 £68.50

Partial Colour

Director Principal Stylist Technician/Graduate Stylist
Interspersed for subtle effect
 Up to 7 foils £22.00 £22.00 £22.00
8-15 foils £32.45 £30.95 £26.45

Ombre and Balyage

Director Principal  Stylist Technician/Graduate Stylist
Ombre means ‘shaded’ in French. Hair graduates in shade from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. This technique can be subtle or more daring depending on colour choice.

Freehand Balyage £80.00  £76.00  £74.00
Ombre ends  £64.00  £63.51  £60.00
Ombre full colour  £85.00  £82.00  £77.00

Permanent Hair Colour

Director Principal Stylist Technician
Full head colour providing permanent grey coverage.
Full head £47.45 £46.95 £44.00
Long full head £54.95 £53.45 £49.95
 Regrowth  £42.95  £41.95  £38.95
 Semi-permanent Colour
If you’ve never coloured your hair before you are
unsure of permanent colour, Schwarzkopf’s high
gloss semi-permanent colour could be the hair colour
answer for you!
Full head semi colour £44.45 £43.00 £38.95

TBH – true beautiful honest

Director Stylist Technician
TBH Roots 45.45 44.95 41.45
TBH Full Head 52.45 50.95 46.00

Hair Colour Correction

We are well equipped and experienced to offer the best advice to avert further potential hair colour problems. Please book your 15 minute complementary consultation to discuss your requirements with one of our colour experts.

Hair colour correction Price on application following consultation

Call us to book your Schwarzkopf colour specialist appointment today on 01296 688117


BLONDME is a premium blonding service which offers a palette of luxury shades. Included in your package are take home products to help maintain tone, condition and give you lustrous hair on a daily basis.

With a collection of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and tone enhancers BLONDME has the answer for every shade of blonde.

We also offer a BLONDME upgrade to take your colour and haircare to the next level.

For only a £35 upgrade you will receive a premium bond protection integrated into your colour, 2 BLONDME retail products to take home and a selection of luxury shades to make your blonde stand out from the crowd.

All BLONDME clients will require a consultation with their stylist before their first booking.

BLONDME Upgrade £35.00