BLOG by Megan

How rules have changed in the salon after restrictions were lifted

July 2021

Happy July everyone! Where is the time going?

It’s that time again for me to write about what we have been up to in the salon, so here we go…

With the rules changing from the 19th of July, we have looked at our procedures to decide how we want to continue in the salon.

We have decided to keep the masks for both staff and clients for the time being to keep us all safe.

We won’t be taking your temperatures anymore but you will still be asked to sanitise when you arrive at the salon!

We are doing our best to keep you all safe and the team are doing lateral flow tests three times a week.

However we will no longer be charging for PPE.

If at anytime in the future you feel unsafe in the salon or have a suggestion how to make you feel safer, please let us know and we will do our very best to help. 


Our fibre clinix service has been doing really well and we are so happy with the results.

Everyone’s hair health score is improving and it’s amazing to make you all feel happier with your hair!

One of our favourite products in the range is the volumize bodifying spray which one client said “changed her life” with how it has helped her hair get the volume she loves.

If you want to have a fibre clinix treatment or have any questions about it, call us or ask your stylist for more information. 


I am happy to say I am nearly done with my training! (Yay) I did my last assessment the other day, which means I only have my End point assessment left to do. I am so excited to complete this journey of my training and become a fully qualified stylist! 


We can’t wait to see you all in the salon soon and we hope you enjoy the summer holidays! I’ll speak to you all again in August….

Megan xx

June 2021

Hello again everyone,

Well that’s another month that went by so fast!

We had an amazing turnout with the facial offer, more than 50 of you came in to have a pamper! We have a new beauty offer now for the whole of summer which has some good savings on waxing and nails.

In other great news, I done one of my perm assessments for my training in which I got a distinction. I am so happy with my grade and can’t wait to complete my training now!

Also, we now have the latest fibre clinix range in the salon and I am so excited about it. We have the salon lab smart analyser device which scans inside your hair using near infrared Technology to see what condition it’s in. This is perfect to see how healthy your hair really is and how to improve it.

And it’s powered by the SalonLab App, which guides both the hairdresser and the client through the consultation and analysis process.

I have had a go on some of the girls in the salon and we are loving seeing our hair health and what products it recommends us to use to make it healthier. It is amazing how technology can see inside the hair follicles by just scanning it. We have some treatment packages to help save you money as well as having healthy hair.

I hope you are all having a lovely June and I will see you all in the salon!

Megan xx

May 2021

Hi everyone,

I am starting to write a blog at the end of each month to fill you in with what goes on in the salon and what we all get up to!

It is so good to be back in the salon seeing all of your wonderful faces again after nearly four long months apart…

This month has been a busy one but we wouldn’t change it for the world, after resting during lockdown we were all so excited to be back in the salon doing hair and beauty again. We have loved catching up with you all and transforming you again. We have gone through a lot of colour and had countless amount of bin bags filled with hair! We are posting all the transformation pictures we take on Facebook and Instagram so follow us if you want to see the work we all do.

We have also set up a TikTok account in the last couple of weeks which has been fun – creating videos when doing your hair to show the whole process we go through to achieve some amazing looks!

We have started the training sessions again each Monday where you can come in as a model with either Casey, Shania or with me. We had our first Monday back this week with Daisy (our trainer) where we all got the block heads out and practised hair ups and getting creative again. We could only really do theory work during lockdown so it was nice to get our creative side flowing again with practice.

We are always looking for models, so if you are free on a Monday and would like to come in then you can give the salon a call 01296 688117 to get booked in for a discounted price.

I am excited to tell you about an offer we have on at the moment for a £30 BeautyLab facial. From experience, I love these facials and especially at the moment with wearing masks a lot, the facial helps give your skin that deep cleanse and helps it breathe better. I can’t wait to get booked in for one soon and to have flawless skin again. You are saving £15 with this offer so don’t miss out! It is running until the 29th of May.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and catching up with me what happened in April,

See you all soon!

From Megan at Style