Welcome to 2022!

January 2022

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

All of us at Style wanted to thank you for all your continued support over the years, and especially during these circumstances. We will forever be grateful for having such lovely, kind clients.

This year we will be working on showing you some of our amazing work, giving you some amazing offers and making your hair and body fabulous as always! So keep an eye out for our posts on Instagram or Facebook.

Training Mondays are back! The apprentices are back in the salon on a Monday 9am until 4pm. If you are interested in coming in to be a model then please message us or call the salon. It gives the girls great practice and a chance to sign off their assessments.

I hope you all have a lovely January! And I’ll be back again next Monday to fill you in on everything.

November 2021

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and getting excited on the run up to Christmas.

If you haven’t already, get those Christmas appointments booked in before they all go!

The festive season is approaching quickly, so why not come down and have a look at the gift sets to give that special someone this Christmas.

For those of you who love candles, they will be in the salon soon, as we have just ordered them.

So I have a few little updates of what we have been up to in the salon.


I am so happy with my result, in which I got a distinction. This has been something that I have worked hard towards and especially during Covid, so to get a distinction has left me over the moon.

Are there any new products?

Scalp clinix in our newest range of products that we have got in the salon this month. This range includes an in-salon service and also products for you to take home. Scalp clinix is all about making sure your scalp looks and feels as good as your hair.

There are four different areas in which it can help; oil control, flake control, soothing and anti-hair loss.

You can have this service in the salon whilst having the fibre clinix treatment. So your scalp and hair both get a treat because healthy hair starts at the scalp.

What have we been up to?

Megan and I  went to a London-based course called World Of Igora. This was a brilliant event where we learned more in depth about the colours and why we use them. We got to play around with colours we don’t normally get to use. This was fun to be creative and free with what we were using. We played around more with the Chroma ID to see how mixing the different colours slightly would change the look.

What’s new in beauty?

They have a new treatment for you, micro needling facial. Micro needling is a procedure with a dermaroller with small needles that prick the skin. This helps to generate new collagen and skin tissue to get firmer, toner and smoother skin. Head over to Style’s new beauty Instagram page to learn more about this or ask your beauty therapist at your next appointment ( @beautyatstyle200 ). Find out more here.

Thank you for taking the time to read  this, and I ‘ll speak to you next month with more updates on life at Style!

Megs xxx


Earlier blogs

It’s been a while since my last blog! Where has the time gone since July!


We have a new stylist recently join us who is also named Megan. Some of you might have met her already in the salon, she is settling in with our Style family well. So from now on my name in the salon is Megs! I have also recently done my final exam to fully qualify. Now all I have to do is wait for the results…


New in the salon is a bigger variety of shades in the Chroma ID. We are now making shades personalised to you if there isn’t a shade for you already.

We are also gradually getting the Christmas stock in, so keep an eye out for the amazing gifts that will be in the salon over the next few weeks. 

If you’re a Tik Tok fan don’t forget to check out the salon TikTok account , which we have been using to  create videos when doing your hair to show the whole process we go through to achieve some amazing looks!

I will speak to you all next month and will let you know my results from my exam! 

Megs xxx